Monday, 13 August 2012

Pineapple spotting form

I'm tinkering on a silly little side-project this my big graphics project year. It's called "pineapple spotting" and you're all invited to join.

This is how it works: whenever I see a pineapple in a scene on telly or in a film, I make sure to by any means necessary grab a screen-shot and note relevant information, like so:

Later I will make etchings/aquatints based on these and put the whole thing together in the shape of a neat book.

Congratulations, you're now part of it. Next time you see a pineapple on telly, you WILL notice it. And you WILL fill out one of these shiny forms, and you WILL bring it back to me. There, that's all for today's superliminal message.

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