Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It's a general update sort of thing

Dear Journal,

I have a giffing problem. More and more I fear my mind is slipping into a succession of loopy images. Not long now, I fear the worst.

In other, yet relating, news; I joined tumblr. And like a crow and a shiny thing, I've been busy staring at it for a bit. Big, life-changing events causing me to crawl into my cave-like room and whisper sweet nothings to shiny moments on telly and in films. I love to gif. More of that at another time, now I shall make an effort to straighten my wordy crooks.

Life things! I might very well have found a room in which to live in Brighton. Deal's almost done. It's a share with 4 others and I can hardly wait. All last week I googled myself about the streets around the house, swooshing along Beaconsfield rd to Duke of York's Picturehouse and down London rd past (seriously) The World's End to Grand Parade. I'm very ready to make this move. Come on universe, house me.

Also, give Joss Whedon whatever he wants, because I didn't just cry over a fan-made Firefly documentary on Netflix. I'm just saying. The man knows what he's doing, just let him. Thanks.

Strange letter to journal come universe over and out. See you soon.

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