Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Here is a selection of items from my desk at work. Mainly lovely stationary, but also delicious italian salad spice. Essential.

Innocent work doodles that might be roped into a bigger representative scheme. We have a 2-part assignment for first week of school consisting of 1) a life-size self portrait (coming along nicely) and 2) 5 images that "give(s) a personal sense of place". How about this autobiographical walnut: 

5 things I inexplicably like (and how that like manifests in action) 
1) stationary; arrange neatly, pretend they're pre-historic monsters locked in battles to sticky staple-y ends. 
2) summat really smartly about liking words, I forgot.
(to be continued)

Other "5 things" I've been contemplating:
- 4 words my Swedish mouth can't pronounce and 1 word my brain can't wrap its head around (and how I try to disguise this fact)
- 5 fantastic film scenes represented by one thing separating them from the ordinary (not really about me, is it?)
- 5 moments where two layers of reality meet, caught in photos through my camera-owning life

(I just re-read the second assignment and I think I'm thinking far too much about this. One of the examples is "5 snacks I like". I could really just draw my top 5 liquorice list and be done. Top 5 lists are one of my brain's top 5 most enjoyed daily things to do, this really shouldn't be this hard.)

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