Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A damp entry

Home is a wonderful place, I don't know why I always want to leave when I'm home nor why I generally can't wait to GO HOME when I'm away. Being new is disorientating and alienating. Soon, my damp room on Ditchling Rise will feel like a home to me, but right now all I can do is snuggle up in my duvet (smells like home and beef jerky) and wish I could go home for dinner and see my family.

Well, I can't, I've really done it this time. Adventure, pft! Travel, bah! England, damp squid! (Yes squid, damp squib does not suffice.)

Now, this is third day speak. I've been in the UK for 8 days, and in my new house for 5, and in school for 3. This is how I feel about new things, they're horrible nasty home-wreckers, them new things. But they have to be. Next week, all this won't be so new and I won't be so crabby. I promise.

In other news, Brighton is a lovely place, the school seems nice (although all we've done so far is sit and listen and occasionally queue, more on the actual schoolin' later), the house is big and the housemates are very nice. It is all going very well.

Also, my hunt for decent liquorice is a slow but steady success, even found some salty ones at Tiger the other day. Old reliable Danes, you never let me down.

Will also become member of my next door neighbour cinema this week, will perk mood right up!

Good day sir.

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