Friday, 13 June 2014

Trailer abstinent movement

Last week on PMI Eric exclaimed that "it's a revolution, and I started it!", and revolution or not, I'm happy to hear it's spreading. Trailers are getting worse and worse, they're most of the time long, bad, completely misrepresentative and full, and I mean Mr Creosote full, of spoilers. I've been trailer abstinent for a good while now, I only occasionally watch teaser trailers, or trailers for smaller films that I might not have known of otherwise, if they come up in the cinema and I can't escape.

All well and fine, but what happens when you're in the cinema and you can't escape and the trailer isn't for a small film you wouldn't have known of otherwise? I usually close my eyes and listen to a podcast (discreetly). 

Hold on to your trousers, here's the exciting thing: I've designed a way for you to spare your eyelid muscles, make a statement and share it all with your friends. Is my increasing and poor use of italics starting to sound like I'm selling something? Maybe. 

Paper shades have never been cooler.

Comes in two special editions: HTJI & HOT DOG STUDIOS

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